Jordana’s world

A blog and Youtube channel about the world through the eyes of a bright little girl full of fun and zest for living!

Daddy is her number 1 fan and is the grown up helping with the big words, videos and blogging.

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Quote from:

“A Jordana, most prominently, possesses an obvious passionate side. This side contains an unstoppable drive to overcome any obstacles that would keep her from achieving her goals when it’s something she’s passionate about. This side is also responsible for the protection of those she cares about, and the same drive is used here.

Jordana’s are very clever, and pick up on little things very quickly. They are cunning and witty, which aids them in helping people, which they enjoy doing.

It also helps them with their outrageous humour. Filled to the brim with cringe-worthy puns and jokes that leave you in stitches, Jordana’s often latch onto the jokes that never fail to make people laugh over and over.

Jordana’s also boast an underlying beauty that is unique. One cannot help but be in awe of everything about a Jordana.

This beauty also extends to her physical features. A Jordana often possesses a terrific fashion sense, however stresses comfortability over presentation. She can also be described as physically perfect.

Despite all these qualities, Jordana’s are often quite humble, struggling to accept compliments or company. When approaching a Jordana, do so with sensitive confidence and focus on her passions rather than her, else she will become immediately shy and protective.

Once one meets a Jordana, they are advised to never lose them, as they are sure to become one of the most valuable people they will ever meet in their life.”